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Victim of human trafficking recounts her improbable escape

Kristina Glackin slid her driver’s license into a piece of lined notebook paper held by a man she considered to be a friend at the time.

Glackin was 18. She thought that man was going to make her a fake ID for a concert they planned to attend.

But handing over that ID was one of the first steps that led to her being held against her will and trafficked for seven days, thousands of miles from her native state of Iowa.

“He kept telling me how they were going to scan my picture and make it really believable,” Glackin, who is now 29, said during a presentation on human trafficking at Fort Dodge Senior High recently. About 20 people attended the program hosted by the FDSH Teens Against Human Trafficking club and the Webster County Health Department.

's A Know You What To Guide Cruise Need Ship Insider Boarding Before “I remember that so vividly, probably because it was one of those moments where I look back and think in that moment I began to lose my identity without even realizing it. He took my ID and soon after that, who I was, followed. It was gone.”

She allegedly met the man who would enter her into human trafficking in the food court of a mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was living in Las Vegas by herself at the time.

The man simply asked for her phone number, she said.

“He wasn’t attractive at all,” Glackin said. “But I knew he could give me alcohol and marijuana and all the things I had fallen into.”

In the weeks that followed, the two just talked.

“He just listened to me tell him about my childhood,” she said. “He told me how wrong everything was and I needed to hear that so badly. So I trusted him, and everything completely shattered after that.”

Concert invitation

The man asked Glackin to go with him to a rap concert in Los Angeles, California, to which she agreed.

“He told me I was going to get a fake ID,” she recalled. “I was all in.”

But when they arrived she was taken to an apartment. The people there were much older, she said.

“I remember this heavy feeling, just thinking something’s not right,” she said. “But at that age, and not knowing much about the world, when you think something’s not right, they are using other drugs other than marijuana. You try to make sense of it. I didn’t know what the heaviness was.”Boys Boys Pinterest 35 In Images Best Bad Bond And 2018 On 1 w1EEqTaxR

At that point the man, who was a pimp, already had possession of Glackin’s ID.

In the meantime, another woman approached her.

“She tried to make me feel comfortable and she insisted that we take our purses down to the car and leave our cell phone in there because there were more people coming over,” Glackin said. “She said, ‘make sure your cell phone is in there.'”

But instead, the man and his group took control of her remaining possessions.

Before Insider A Boarding Know Cruise Guide You Ship To What Need 's As the night went on, Glackin decided to wait down in the passenger seat of the car.

“I had a smart mouth and I couldn’t wait until I saw him alone, so I could ask him why we weren’t going to the concert,” she said. “This wasn’t what he said was going to happen. These things I was ready to pour out on him.”

At first, she began to yell at the man when he returned to the car, but what she saw next silenced her.

“I looked down and he had a gun in his lap,” she said.

The man told Glackin that he would return all of her belongings if she agreed to his plan and made him $400 that night.

Glackin refused.

“The craziest part was he just said, ‘OK,'”University St Midway 25 N Bars On Reviews 1728 High w008qB she recalled.

Meanwhile, the woman who convinced Glackin to take her purse to the car sat in the front seat of the car.

It was later revealed that woman was also a victim of human trafficking.

Glackin was told to get in the backseat.

The group drove to McDonald’s, where Glackin ordered a 10-piece chicken nugget meal, she said.

It was the last meal she would eat for the next seven days.

The man gave her a drink.

“I remember the drink I had tasted funny,” she said. “He kept forcing me, saying I had to drink this. He was drugging me.”

Next, he drove the women to a hotel.

‘I kept telling them no’

“We got to this hotel room and for four days I kept telling them no,” she said.

Glackin’s picture was posted online, advertising for sex.

“I never said yes to his plan, but I said just one night, right?” she said. “Just $400, you’re going to give me my stuff and let me go.”

A You Cruise Boarding Guide What Before 's Insider Need To Ship Know Other men were sent to the room that night, while the pimp sat in her car in a parking garage.

“They would sit in my car and watch the men come and go,” Glackin said. “When the men left, they went back up to the room to collect the money and make sure they had me broken down enough until the next person they sent to the room.”

She hardly slept that night.

In the morning, she hoped it would be over.

“I remember the next morning thinking, OK it’s time,” she said. “I knew he made way more than 400 dollars that night. I said it’s time and he said, ‘Oh something came up and we are going to need more from you than that.'”

One night, she was left alone with another girl.

That girl told Glackin the others were planning to kill her, she said.

Need To Before Boarding Guide Know Cruise A You Ship 's What Insider “I had to get out of there,” she said. “How was I supposed to get out of there? They were watching. I was thinking maybe she’ll let me leave, but she could have put herself in more danger — she knew. I know she had probably seen them kill people before me, which is why you have to get out.”

Almost gave up

On her last night being held against her will, Glackin had almost given up.

As more men continued to show up to her room, she tried to convince them to let her use a phone. But those men were scared it was a sting, she said.

“There was one more man that came to the door,” she said. “I remember feeling like he was different than the other guys. Still gross, still disgusting, still not like a good, respectable man when you think about it because he wouldn’t be doing that.”

But something did seem different about him, she said.

Glackin told that man she was being held against her will — and he believed her.

“He stood up really tall and really straight and he said he was going to get me out of there,” she recalled.

That man devised a plan for her to meet him in an alleyway outside of the hotel.

“He said if you stand here and count to 300, you go to the left and go down this set of stairs, there will be an alleyway right there and I will be there to pick you up,” she said.

She began counting.

“I remember standing there in front of this door and it’s really hard to count when your mind is going that fast,” she said. “All the fears and what was on the outside of this door.”

She built up the courage to go.

“I thought either this is going to work or I am going to die,” she said. “But either way I was probably going to die.”

She began walking down the hallway.

“I tiptoed, because I was afraid someone was going to hear me,” she said. “I wanted to be invisible.”

Cruise 's Before What To A Boarding Know Insider Ship Need You Guide As she made her way down the stairs and to the alleyway outside of the hotel, she saw a chain-link fence across from her.

“I looked to the right and he was not there,” she said. “I looked to the left and he was not there, and I thought well maybe I run now.”

But when she looked back one more time, the man was there.

“He sped up so quickly and he picked me up,” she said.

Return to safety

That man was able to return Glackin to safety. She is only one of about 2 percent of human trafficking victims who make it out alive, Glackin said.

“When I think about the odds, there is a 98 percent chance I was going to die there or that I would still be there right now — but I am not.”

You 's What To A Before Need Cruise Boarding Ship Know Insider Guide Three calls for human trafficking


Iowa Victim Service Call Center 1-800-770-1650

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

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